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  1. Estamos de regreso

    Muchos canales no se ven?? Y para Cambiar canal si tardan para ver los canales
  2. Problemas con el Servicio

    Problemas Problemas como siempre! todos los canales estan down! what is going on with this service?
  3. QUE pasa!!!!

    Todos los canales estan abajo.. ninguno si ve!! Que pasa! All channels are down! What is going on with this service? We have been down for almost a week and there was no annoucement.. please let us know as to what is happening.
  4. Down again?

    Hola looks like your down again on mag254.. connection error?
  5. Server de iptv4you con problemas

    ya me too again!!!!
  6. Problemas con el server de iptv4you

    ya me too.. nada loads? vamos esperar.. mi mujer esta insupportable
  7. Panel abajo

    im down too! what is going on? que esta passando?
  8. me too! que esta pasando?